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Masterworks 7
Masterworks™ 7

ARCOM is pleased to announce the upcoming release of Masterworks 7.0, the latest in its SpecWare® suite of specification productivity software.

This release of the industry's most extensive productivity software for use with word processors will, for the first time, allow licensed users of both SpecText and MasterSpec to seamlessly use the same tools to produce construction specifications quickly and easily. Masterworks tools include: Project Wizard, New Specification Wizard, Format Wizard, global editing, extensive reports, and much more. Masterworks will continue to be provided complimentary to all current MasterSpec and, now, SpecText, clients.

A much-awaited new feature is the automatic and seamless update of Masterworks without the user needing to reinstall the software; Masterworks will contact the ARCOM server for software upgrades and will automatically download and install the upgrade once given permission by the user. In addition, a new “Push Notification” capability will allow a firm’s IT staff to install and update Masterworks on their users’ computers without the users doing anything -- the IT staff “pushes” the installation to the client boxes.

"These enhancements to Masterworks will be a major time-saver for the IT staffs of MasterSpec and SpecText licensed users,” Christopher Bushnell, President and CEO of ARCOM. “This release of Masterworks brings long-needed productivity tools to SpecText users, and provides a seamless environment for those firms who use both master guide specification systems."

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